Wooden State Cutout Guestbook

  • $38.00

This wedding guestbook is a cutout of your home state - or any state that is close to your heart! Spelled outing the center is "LOVE". This wooden sign can be used as a guestbook to gather the signatures from your wedding guests. Hang it in your home after your wedding day for a lovely decoration that is sure to be cherished forever in your home! Available in variety of colors including shimmery metallics and sparkling glitter! This is even great for other occasions or just as a decoration on it's own! This monogram letter is light in weight and can easily be hung on the wall with double sided tape.

SIZE: 20" longest dimension, varies by state { Precision cut in 1/4" thick wood. }

This sign can hold approx. 75-125 signatures (depending on how large/much your guests write!). Sharpies are recommended - the finer the tip the more signatures it will hold.

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